Working Women Wednesday’s (#WCW)

Introducing my rendition of Woman Crush Wednesdays. I coined this term over a year ago with recognition to myself instead of being someone’s “Woman Crush Wednesday.” Instead of “Woman Crush Wednesday,” I would list the hashtag as “Working Woman Wednesdays.”

I have decided to take this simple hashtag and turn it into a symbol of recognition. This idea came from wanting to create a platform for promoting and celebrating women. I love seeing all the hardworking ladies, who work, go to school, take care of their families and are building their brand or career. From my Corporate Bae’s to my Entrepreneur Bae’s. I see you all working hard and I want to acknowledge you all! Working Women Wednesday’s is an interviewing session where I interview women who I feel are true Bosses. I am all about empowering and promoting other women. I will post my selection of my Women Crush Wednesday’s, on a Wednesday, once a month. I want to continue to promote, build and empower women while showcasing their brand, their careers, or anything they may be doing in their lives. This will be done monthly and will showcase women who I feel are truly amazing. The ultimate goal is to highlight their successes and promote their brand. This is all about acknowledging your hard work! We do not recognize each other enough, and I would love to do so with this portion of my blog.

If you have anyone you would like to nominate email me at Below is our latest WCW’s check back every month for our latest WCW’S as well.

working women wednesday's2

WCW for September 2019 – Crystal Mouton of I am Royalty & Styles of Royalty
Business Professional Picture
WCW for August 2019 – Norma Guzman of Zone Away
WCW for July 2019 – Maricela Jaramillo of Simply Little Glam
WCW for July 2019 – Re’Jhae Alcorn of Shades with Faith
WCW for June 2019 – Casilya Smith of Sil the Writer and Sil Digital
WCW for May 2019 – Jonae Nicole of B.E. Shirts
WCW for April 2019 – Kimberly Stuckey of Kim La Bella
Armstrong headshot
WCW for February 2019 – Brittani Halliburton-Armstrong of SASSY Women’s Network
WCW for January 2019 – Kayla Mickens of Lashae Virgin Hair

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