Goals with Girlfriends: Happy Hour

What is Goals with Girlfriends: Happy Hour? – Goals with Girlfriends: Happy Hour is a discussion panel, where a group of women will discuss hot topics regarding relationships, friendships, careers, goals, education, traveling and so much more. During this hour it will be unfiltered girl talk over nicely crafted drinks.

Where did the idea come from? –  The idea of GWG: Happy Hour came from my love of going out for drinks with my friends and having girl talk. I have always been told I have the gift of gab. I am usually the one that people come to for advice or guidance. I enjoy this because it means people trust my opinions and trust what I can provide to them. With that being said, soon I will use this column as an advice column. I will post advice, and tips for school, work, budgeting, relationships, traveling, parenting, and planning (for any occasion). I will also post VLOGS that I plan to work on and on these VLOGS, they will contain questions and tips that have been asked, but will go into depth and will be videos of course. Most of the time it will be me by myself, others will have friends of mines, who are goal-oriented, corporate “9-5”, business-women and entrepreneurs like myself and we will all discuss your questions, sort of like a “girl talk” panel.

If you need any advice or tips or would like to be apart of the “Happy Hour” panel, please email me at info@themakingsofb.com

Check out our First Episode below, Filmed by @IseCold

Episode One is my pilot episode where we discussed “Embracing Your Singleness.” I felt this topic was very important to discuss because society puts pressure on single women to follow an unrealistic timeline. When really there is no such thing as a TIMELINE! We as women have to learn to love ourselves before we can love anyone else.

Stay Tuned for Episode Two, launching February 2020!

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