Goal Diggers Events

Goal Diggers Events are women’s empowerment events with a TWIST.  Goal Diggers Events composes of three types of events:

1. Goal Diggers Brunches – Shopping with local brands (vendors), guest speakers and networking all over brunch and mimosas.

2. Goal Diggers – Sip & Shop “Business Showers” – Pop up Shops with vendors, networking and small lite bites & beverages to sip while shopping.

3. Goal Diggers – Goals with Girlfriends –  1) Goal setting monthly meetings with friends of less than 20. We get together monthly and do different activities. We discuss goals, network, have girl talk, and hold each other accountable. This is an intimate setting of girl talk and good vibes ONLY, with light refreshments. 2) Goals with Girlfriends also has a series of trips. These trips may create networking opportunities but the ultimate goal is to connect and create new friendships and relationships while having a great time. 

My debut for Goal Digger Events was My Goal Diggers Brunch, June 2018. Anyone that knows me, knows I set goals and SMASH THEM! My goal is to empower and allow other women to showcase their brand. I will continuously express how I accomplish so much, with such a full plate at my events. There will also be vendors set up, guest speakers, giveaways, and opportunities to network with other women who are establishing their brand. These are PHENOMENAL EVENTS, that you should not miss out on.  I plan to continue these events annually and assist other individuals in launching their brands, or whatever event they may need assistance with.

If you are interested in being a vendor for future events please email me at info@themakingsofb.com or register here. Visit TheMakingsofB.eventbrite.com to purchase any tickets. Below are past and future Goal Diggers Events, click the flyers for further details. When you click flyers with past dates, it will take you to the post about the event. Events are in order of most recent.

GWG Events (5)
Goals with Girlfriends: Second Annual Vision Board Party – December 2019
Sip & Shop 2019
Goal Diggers Second Annual Sip & Shop “Business Shower” – November 2019
GWG Events (2)
Goals with Girlfriends: Girls Night In – Passion Party – September 2019
GWG Events (2)
Goals with Girlfriends: Happy Hour – August 2019
Dallas Brunch Save The Date
Goal Diggers Brunch: Dallas – July 2019
Winery Trip
Goals with Girlfriends: Winery Trip – June 2019
Prom Giveaway – April 2019
Goal Diggers Brunch 2019
Second Annual – Goal Diggers Brunch –  April 2019
Second Goals with Girlfriends monthly meeting: Financial Literacy & Credit Seminar – January 2019
The Makings of B & Goal Diggers Events Presents_
First Goals with Girlfriends monthly meeting: Vision Boards & Goal Setting – December 2018
Goal Diggers Sip & Shop
First Annual – Goal Diggers “Sip and Shop” Business Shower – November 2018
Goal Diggers Vendor Invite May3rd
First Annual – Goal Diggers Brunch –  June 2018