Boss Babes

Boss Babes features our Goals with Girlfriends: Happy HourWorking Women Wednesday’s, and Goal Diggers Business Directory.

Goals with Girlfriends: Happy Hour is a discussion panel, where a group of women will discuss hot topics regarding relationships, friendships, careers, goals, education, traveling and so much more. During this hour it will be unfiltered girl talk over nicely crafted drinks.

Working Women Wednesday’s my rendition of Woman Crush Wednesdays. Working Women Wednesday’s is an interviewing session where I interview women who I feel are true Boss Babes. I am all about empowering and promoting other women. I will post my selection of my Women Crush Wednesday’s, on a Wednesday, at least once a month.

Goal Diggers Business Directory is an opportunity for women to create and connect relationships with my viewers. It is a membership that can be renewed annually. With this membership there are two different memberships: 1) Business & Promotions 2) Event Admission. The Business & Promotion membership is for those who need assistance with advertising their brand and marketing at my events and on my website. This membership also comes with discounted tickets and vendor fees. The Event Admission membership is for members who may not be in business but want to support our Goal Diggers Events annually. This membership will give discount ticket admission to all events per year of membership. Both memberships are to be renewed annually.



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