Wine at First Sip – Goals With Girlfriends: Winery Trip

This past weekend, I toured an amazing winery in Santa Fe, Texas called Haak Vineyards and Winery. Let me just say this was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I have always wanted to visit a winery because, I love wine, lol. I got the idea to plan this trip and incorporate it into my Goal Diggers events because I wanted to do something different. On my 30 Before 30, visiting a winery is listed as one thing I would like to do before I turn 30. I then decided that combining things that I loved to do would make this trip amazing! This event out of all of the events, I have had was the easiest to plan. (See photos of me below at the winery)

I researched the best wineries in Texas, specifically near Houston, and Haak Vineyards and Winery came up.ย  I read their reviews, and what they had to offer and I was immediately sold! I then looked for ways that we could all travel together and a party bus company by the name ofย  “S and T’s Party Bus,” appeared on my timeline on Instagram. And the rest was history. Planning this event/trip was extremely fun. I just knew I wanted the best of the best because I had planned on traveling outside of Houston.

I wanted to present the idea to my friends first, but I typically do not like to present anything unless it is fully executed. After getting dates and details together, I was able to announce the trip at my Second Annual Goal Diggers Brunch and tickets sold extremely fast. I was nervous, not because I did not think the tickets would sell, but because I was nervous about how I and 24 women would be able to get along for an entire day. Registration filled quickly, with their only being 25 spots in total. Some of the ladies were friends and some I had never met, but this was literally the most refreshing thing ever. We toured to Haak Vineyards and Winery on the Party bus and it was good vibes the entire way. No, it was so turned up, lol! You would have thought we all knew each other for years. I, of course, was the DJ, so I made sure I had a little of everything for everyone. This could not have been a better group of women to go on this journey with! Such an amazing group of beautiful women and we all had one common love and that was WINE.


When we arrived our tour guide show us the Vineyards and a tour of the entire property. We learned the background of the winery, and then we were able to go to a cellar for private wine tasting with a cheese, fruit, and meat tray. We were able to taste from five different options, and I was overwhelmed with excitement.





After the tour, and the private wine tasting we were allowed to go back outside to the vineyard and the patio. I was able to connect more with the ladies, and take pictures. I learned so much from them all, and I am excited to have gained new friendships and networking relationships. One goal for every event is to network, but the bigger picture is creating friendships and relationships. And we did that all over a glass of wine. KUDOS TO ME ๐Ÿ™‚



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