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This month’s #WCW is Jonae Nicole of B.E. Shirts. I met Jonae through a mutual friend a few months ago. She was a vendor at my First Annual Goal Diggers Sip and Shop. She was also a vendor at my Second Annual Goal Diggers Brunch. Jonae exudes nothing but positive and supportive energy. We have only known each other for a few months, but she has stepped up and has supported me through various amounts of things, in such a short period of time. I love being around people like her because of what she brings to the today as far as being positive, supportive, and loving. She is extremely sweet and she inspires me to be GREAT. Her Women’s Empowerment T-Shirt line represents her so well. You all have to check it out! I wanted to showcase Jonae because she is the epitome of Women’s empowerment, women’s empowerment is about the support and love you give to others and yourself. Someone who is willing to put themselves first before others. She has been in business for less than a year, but I believe her brand is unique, and she has set the bar high! I am truly inspired by Jonae and wanted to acknowledge her, and of course, show off her brand! B.E. Shirts is a brand you want to remember now because soon everyone will be rocking one! All shirts Jonae has on in each picture are apart of her B.E. shirts line. Check out her website at


Now let me introduce you all to Jonae Nicole of B.E. Shirts

B.E. Shirts

So Jonae, may you give me a few details about yourself?

My name is Jonae’ Nicole, the owner of B.E. Shirts. I’ve been a Houstonian all my life. I’m a wife, mother, and a positive God-fearing being that loves to read, write, exalt and live by all things of love and light.


Tell me about your company B.E. Shirts and what it means to you.

B.E. Shirts is a women’s graphic tee line that exalts and promotes women’s empowerment. Our slogan is “Be Elevated. Be Empowered. Be Everything.” This a company that wants to let women know there is nothing we cannot be and there is nothing we cannot do. We can do so much if we stand united and empowered together.

I am a one-woman show right now so I do everything! Marketing, packing, shipping, drop-offs, all the above. I just made my 9-month mark since my official launch so everything is still new and budding, but I am excited about the direction everything is going.

Where did the idea of B.E. shirts come from?

I was sitting on the idea since fall 2015. I always imagined a t-shirt company geared towards women that would motivate them and turn them into walking empowerment billboards. At the time, I was working 2 jobs (I’ve always worked a minimum of 2 jobs since I was 18) so my attention was not 100% invested in the business. When I got pregnant, I was put on strict bed rest my last trimester. I was blessed to carry my daughter full-term but ended up receiving an emergency c-section. I received my termination letter from my employer stating they could no longer hold my position a few days before my 30th birthday. Among other things occurring, this was one of the darkest times in my life, but my daughter was my light and motivation. I had nothing but time and I feel God made me sit still for this very reason. I wanted to build something that no one could take away from me or terminate me from so I channeled all of my energy into building and creating B.E. Shirts.

Jonae has a “Brunch & PositiviTea” event coming up on Sunday, June 23rd. Click here to get your tickets, they are only $18!


So, your event Brunch and Positivitea is coming up soon, give us a little “tea” on your event.

Brunch & PositiviTea is an event that will be comprised of networking, female fellowship, and an open forum “Queen Talk” (my play on “girl talk”) discussion. It was my own craving for positive feminine energy and daintiness that inspired me to coordinate & execute this event. I don’t think there are enough opportunities for us to be fancy, prissy, & beautiful. What better way to do all of those things than to have a tea party?! This event will be everything a girl wants: an opportunity to be Instagram-ably gorgeous & girly, receive/give empowerment, eat deliciously crafted brunch, & mimosas! Did I mention they are bottomless?! I want every beautiful woman that attends this event to leave empowered, uplifted, motivated, full of positive perspective, & hopefully sober enough to drive home! Lol, it’s going to be a great time!

The main theme of your event seems to empowerment. We all have experienced things in our life and it is always good to have people around to supporting and uplifting you. Did you face any adversities growing up, or even in your adulthood? If so, tell us about them and how you overcame them?

Whew! I’ve experienced my fair share. I grew up with a father who was battling addiction and witnessing domestic violence in our household. My mother divorced my father when I was 4 and did all she could to provide for 4 children. We went without a lot but had all of our bare necessities. I was bullied in my later elementary years, so much so that my mother had to transfer me to a different school. This caused me to have a lot of anger problems. Despite these changes, I was a glowing, bright, and intelligent student: Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Class Officer, graduated with honors, you name it, I did it. Despite a lot of opposition and doubt I received while pursuing my Bachelors, I triumphed with my BA in Sociology, minoring in Psychology. I’ve conquered and escaped an abusive relationship. I dealt with my father fighting and succumbing to cancer. There have been many other things as well that I will speak on when the time is right. I’ve just been blessed to have a strong, fighting spirit which I got from my mother. I’ve also always been crazy enough to believe that I truly can do anything I set my mind to. Focus, fight, and most of all, my faith has guaranteed me a winner against all odds.

What are your short term and long term goals?

Short term goals: I want to become a better mother and wife everyday. I want to continue to build B.E. Shirts. Pursue and tackle any new positive opportunities that come my way. I plan to finish my first book soon. I also desire to execute my first women’s empowerment event in early 2019.

Long term goals: I desire to become a real estate investor, author, motivational speaker, mentor, serial entrepreneur, and mom-ventor.

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, do you prefer a “9-5,” Entrepreneur life, or Both?

I prefer entrepreneur life. Not knocking anyone who wants to stick with a 9-5. That is security. You faithfully know you have a paycheck coming in every 2 weeks or every month. Benefits. 401K. Owning a business, especially the beginning stages, does not deliver that comfort.. lol. I love it because though it’s difficult, it’s rewarding. I am able to invest my time, hard work, and energy into something I love. I can express myself creatively. And no one appreciates my hard work as much as I do. It also allows me to spend every day with my daughter, teach/instill knowledge and values, and witness all of her firsts. That is more precious to me than anything else.

What have you accomplished so far that you are most proud of? What do you think you can work on more?

Completing college, marriage, launching my business, and becoming a mother are definitely on my highlight reel. I can work to be better with my organization, creativity, the pursuit of knowledge, assertion, and challenging my thirst to innovate.

What are some tips or advice you could share with anyone who may want to follow the same career path as you?

You cycle in and out of encouragement and doubt while building, and you experience peaks and valleys once you launch. It takes a special type of person to stick with their own business and stay the course. YOU. CAN. DO. IT. If it’s the vision God has purposed you with, there are more reasons why you can than why you can’t. He will make a way. He will give you resources. God will be your strength, provision, and a portion of assurance in your journey. All you have to do it make the first move and KEEP GOING.
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