Working Women Wednesday’s (WCW) – Kimberly Stuckey of Kim La Bella

I didn’t get to post my #WCW for March because I had so much going on. Life hit me extremely hard and I just felt as if I could not do anything, anymore. I have decided that going forward I would re-purpose my energy into things that matter to me and make me happy. With that being said, I could not end this month without my April #WCW.

I am featuring a great friend of mine, Kimberly Stuckey. Not only because she has been my rock during my current situation, but she is also an amazing Make-Up Artist. Kim and I became extremely close over the past three years. I continuously tell her “I don’t know where you have been all of my life, but I needed you.” Lol. The thing is Kim and I have known each other for years because we went to High School together. We just never truly interacted with each other until about three years ago. Recently Kim was working two jobs, and I would see how amazing she was doing her own make-up via her social media platforms. After several conversations, she expressed how she wanted to become a make-up artist. I encouraged her to stop giving her second job all her time and put that same time and energy into her Make-Up Artistry. Luckily, Sure enough, she did just that and ever since then, sis has been unstoppable!

Kim is one of the most talented, supportive, loyal, sweet, and amazing friends that I have. If I have any type of event, she is there. If she can’t make it, she’s sharing my post. If I need to vent, she is there. Everyone speaks great things about her because she is GREAT. She is a special friend of mine and I had to feature her today as my #WCW. She deserves all the recognition and love because that is all she is filled with. Now let me introduce yall to my girl, Kimberly Stuckey of “Kim La Bella.”


So Kim, may you give a few details about yourself?

My name is Kimberly Stuckey, born from the Bronx, but raised in Houston Texas. I am a blogger and an aspiring makeup artist. For my day job, I am a recruitment specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I volunteer as a mentor to a teen.

Tell me about more about Kim La Bella and what it means to you.

As an aspiring makeup artist, I enjoy making women feel beautiful on the outside, but reminding them that they are beautiful on the inside as well.

What made you finally decide to start doing Make-Up full-time?

It all started with my part-time position at Ulta, which led me to my love for makeup. I got to experience color matching women of different shades as well as different products for eyes, lips, etc. I was being asked by many women, even my friends, if I was accepting clients and my answer was no, for the longest. I didn’t have the proper tools. So, what did I do? I bought everything I needed to start my business while taking advantage of my discount. I also found a mentor, a wonderful woman named Crystal, who offered classes and words of encouragement. I decided it was time.

Did you face any adversities growing up, or even in your adulthood? If so, tell us about them and how you overcame them?

Jeez, did I? Lol. This is why I started a blog. To tell my story on Love. I was in a very toxic relationship for almost ten years. I didn’t love myself, I didn’t feel pretty, I didn’t feel like no one else could “love” me how “he” said he did. It took me a long time to understand my worth, but once I let that toxicity go, I found my worth, my happy place and learned self-love. If it wasn’t for my experiences in my past, I wouldn’t be HER today.

What are your short term and long term goals?

My short term goal would be building my clientele in the makeup industry and fascinating my old/new readers with new stories to tell on my blog. My long term goal would be to have my own location to work out of as a makeup artist and to adopt my own non-profit organization.

Being an Entrepreneur has its ups and downs, do you prefer a “9-5,” Entrepreneur life, or Both?

As of now, I prefer both. My day job is joyful and works with my everyday schedule, so I’m pretty blessed. That means I can accept clients even on weekdays.

What have you accomplished so far that you are most proud of? What do you think you can work on more?

I have accomplished graduating from college with my bachelor’s degree in Spanish while learning sign language. Something that I can work more on, today, would be practicing on my makeup skills and as always, working on self-importance.

What are some tips or advice you could share with anyone who may want to follow the same career path as you?

My advice would be to find a team/friends who will support you. Find a mentor who you can retrieve tips from. Attend classes to enhance your skills. Practice, practice, and practice. The time is NOW!
How can fellow readers reach you and schedule appointments?




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