Goal Diggers – Goals with Girlfriends

Goal Diggers Events composes of three types of events:

1. Goal Diggers Brunches – Shopping with local brands (vendors), guest speakers and networking all over brunch and mimosas.

2. Goal Diggers – Sip & Shop “Business Showers” – Pop up Shops with vendors, networking and small lite bites & beverages to sip while shopping.

3. Goal Diggers – Goals with Girlfriends – Goal setting monthly meeting with friends of less than 20. We get together monthly and do different activities. We discuss goals, network, have girl talk, and hold each other accountable. This is an intimate setting of girl talk and good vibes ONLY, with light refreshments.

This was yet another successful event for me, the third one this year might I add! Our first Goals with Girlfriends meeting, we not only created vision boards and an affirmation board, I created planners for the ladies to use for 2019, I also created a goal sheet for them to use. We shared goals, words of affirmations and we all will be each other’s accountability partners for 2019 to keep each other on track. We always need a good girlfriend to keep us going and accountable. I think this was my favorite event because I was actually able to interact with everyone. The future meetings we will have game nights, take trips, have paint parties, give back and so much more!

I want to thank these amazing ladies for attending my very first “Goals with Girlfriends” session. For 2019, I have about 10-12 events, and it’s all because of all of the ladies who continue to support me. I have pushed my Houston and Dallas Brunches back to focus on other things I have in the works. I use to worry about who wasn’t supporting me, and who was copying me when really I’m two steps ahead. I’m blessed I’m putting energy into those who matter thank you all for supporting the movement, this is only the beginning!

Goals with Girlfriends session number two is now open! Get your tickets now, they are first come first serve, and there are only 20 spots!

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