30 Before 30

Well, my 30th birthday is approaching soon and I’ve decided to do 30 things/goals I’ve always wanted to accomplish. I’ll be turning 30 on January 26, 2020. I have already started planning my 30th international trip and my local birthday party. Don’t judge me it’ll be here before I know it, lol. (FYI: if you have a birthday coming up, click here for deals on freebies you can get during your birthday month)

My 29th birthday hasn’t even approached yet, but I’m extremely excited to start the journey of doing 30 things I’ve never done, have always wanted to do or started but never completed, before I turn 30. Some of these are personal goals, others are things I’ve always wanted to do! I will list all 30 things below and when they are completed I will cross them out. Bookmark this and check back continuously, I will update it as I do them all! Once I complete any of these I will have to where you can view the blog post regarding the update.

Here is my 30 Before 30 in no particular order:

  1. Become a Homeowner.
  2. Complete my Master’s Degree.
  3. Post blog post at least twice a month. Completed. Ever since I started my 30 Before 30 Challenge, I have tried my best to blog atleast twice a month, so I am claiming this for the rest of the year and years to come!
  4. Obtain a new promotion at my current job. Completed, April 16, 2019. I got a new promotion at my current job and started in the role as of May 1, 2019.
  5. Publish children’s books with Nyla. (This has been a long-time goal and I am excited to finish)
  6. Launch my Vlog and Podcast Channel. Completed, August 17, 2019. I launched my Goals with Girlfriends: Happy Hour Vlog Channel on you tube.
  7. Launch my “Mommy and Me” collection.
  8. Travel out of the country at least once. (I need to put more use to my passport and I’m not waiting on anyone, anymore!)  Completed, June 2019. I took a trip to the Bahamas on a cruise.
  9. Take a trip with Nyla. (This happens twice a year anyway but I am still adding it, lol)
  10. Go indoor skydiving. (I ain’t that brave for outdoor skydiving, lol)
  11. Visit a Winery.
  12. Go to a gun range.
  13. Go on a Cruise.
  14. Swim with Dolphins.
  15. Visit New York during NYE and see the ball drop in Times Square.
  16. Fly in a helicopter.
  17. Go to a restaurant alone.
  18. Go skinny dipping. (sorry mama, lol)
  19. Go to an escape room.
  20. Go jet skiing.
  21. Go parasailing.
  22. Visit a nude beach. (Sorry mama, again, lol!)
  23. Go on another girls trip.
  24. Organize and print all photos on my iPhone and MacBook, then put them in photo albums.
  25. Launch Merchandise for my blogs.
  26. Mentor and Volunteer more.
  27. Increase funds in my savings account, Nyla’s as well.
  28. Get back fit and healthy. (The past few months, I’ve lost sight of this)
  29. Try a new food item from a different culture. Completed, November 21, 2018. I tried Honduran Food at a place called, “Paseo Catracho.” The food was extremely delicious. My friend Kim treated me and I was able to try 4 dishes: Baleadas, Pollo Ceibeño, Platano Relleno y Pupusas Tipo Catracho, according to Kim, lol. Click the pictures below to check out the food!
  30. Eliminate debt to less than 15% and have a credit score of 750+

As you can see, most of these goals are extremely adventurous and then some are responsible, lol. I think my list has a perfect balance honestly. These are all things I have wanted to do. Some I have started but haven’t finished, some I have always wanted to try! Which goal do you see yourself doing as well from my list? Share some of yours below & save this post to follow my journey for 30 BEFORE 30!! If you decide to join me tag me on any social media platform you use, using hashtag #The30Before30Challenge

15 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. I am soooo excited to see you complete this. Swimming with dolphins was emotional for me lol. I loved it 😍🤗🙌🏽 I’m sure you will also… I’d enjoy doing some of these with you. Just let me know 🤗🤗 except the nude beach… I’ll ummmm pass 😂 I’ll be watching you cross them out 🤗 new foods? I’ll introduce you to Honduran food 😍🤗

    1. Lol @ “except the nude beach” I just want to see people in their natural habitat 😂😂

      I’m excited to complete these! It’s going to be so fun but also I’ll be accomplishing some huge goals!

      I definitely want to try Honduran food, I’m ready!

  2. Hell yessss!!!! I’m down!!!! We have similar things lol! 💁🏾‍♀️ I can’t believe we are both are about to turn 30 soon 😅😅😅😭😭😭🤩🤩🤩

  3. You have some really great ideas, fun adventures ahead! I was getting excited while reading it! I too made a 30 before 30 list, but I didnt complete everything. So I changed it to 30 things to do in my 30’s lol. Wish you all the best enjoy✌

  4. Absolutely LOVE this post!!! Motivated to now do a “40Before40Challenge” LOL:)
    But I will help you out in fulfilling some of the listed items in your challenge:
    #2- You can do it!!
    #4-It’ll definitely happen, plus a raise:)
    #5-Now you KNOW that Harmony & I will be y’all most loyal fans!
    #6-I will definitely suscribe & watch/listen on the regular.
    #7-Ms. Harmony & I would love to be your 1st models:)
    #10-I’d love to go with you!
    #12-I’ve been before & can’t wait to go again….1st time….all head shots & I was aiming for the heart….LOL
    #17-Make sure it’s during one of your freebie bday meals….LOL
    #27-Ditto for me & Harmony
    #28-I’m starting my diet in February since it’s currently the Holidays & January is our bday freebie month…LOL
    #29-GOAT MEAT…..LOL
    #30-Goes hand-in-hand with #27, for sure:)

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